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What Positions Can You Play in Madden 23 Career Mode? Unlock Your Full Potential and Dominate the Field!: Are you ready to dominate the virtual football field in Madden 23 Career Mode? If you’re wondering what positions you can play to make your mark in the game, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the exciting world of Madden 23 Career Mode and uncover the various positions you can choose from to create the ultimate player. Whether you want to be a quarterback calling the shots, a wide receiver catching game-winning passes, or a defensive powerhouse stopping the opposition in their tracks, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to unleash your football prowess and take your Madden career to new heights. So, grab your controller, put on your virtual cleats, and let’s dive into the world of Madden 23 Career Mode!

Embarking on Your Madden 23 Career Mode Journey

Embarking on a journey in Madden 23’s Career Mode is an adventure that allows you to step into the cleats of an NFL player. The game offers an immersive experience where you can play as a Quarterback (QB), Wide Receiver (WR), Running Back (RB), Linebacker (LB), or Cornerback (CB). But the journey is more than just selecting a position; it’s about developing your character’s skills, making strategic decisions, and carving out a legacy in the virtual NFL world.

Choosing Your Position in Face of the Franchise

In the Face of the Franchise: The League, your path is singularly focused; you can only play the position you choose. This story-driven mode is designed to make you feel the weight of each decision and the ripple effect of your actions on and off the field. Whether you’re calling the shots as a quarterback or shutting down the opposition as a cornerback, your goal is to become an NFL legend.

Understanding the Positions in Career Mode

Each position on the football field has a unique role, and in Madden 23, the nuances of these roles are captured with impressive detail. Let’s delve into what each position entails and how it shapes your playing experience.

Quarterback (QB)

The quarterback is the leader of the offense, the one who orchestrates plays and makes critical decisions in the blink of an eye. In Madden 23, stepping into the role of a QB means you’re at the helm, calling shots, reading defenses, and making pinpoint passes. A 90 OVR (Overall Rating) QB save file represents a player at the pinnacle of their game—accurate, aware, and agile.

Running Back (RB)

As a running back, you are the engine of the ground game, a player who combines speed, agility, and power to charge through defenses. An 86 OVR RB save file suggests a player who can juke, spin, and bulldoze their way to the end zone and is a vital asset to any team.

Wide Receiver (WR)

Wide receivers are the playmakers, the ones who turn a long bomb into a touchdown with their acrobatic catches and breakaway speed. Controlling a WR in Madden 23 is a thrilling challenge, as it requires precision in route running and timing to make those highlight-reel plays.

Linebacker (LB)

As a linebacker, your domain is the heart of the defense. Whether you’re stopping the run, covering a tight end, or blitzing the QB, linebackers are pivotal in disrupting the opponent’s offense. They are the ones who deliver the big hits and make the clutch stops.

Cornerback (CB)

Cornerbacks are the shadowy figures on defense, tasked with locking down receivers and snatching interceptions. A 74 OVR CB save file indicates a player who’s honing their skills, learning to read QBs, and developing the agility needed to keep up with the league’s best receivers.

Maximizing Your Career with Multiple Save Files

One of the exciting features of Madden 23 Career Mode is the ability to have five different save files for each position. This allows you to experience the game from various perspectives without having to overwrite your progress. It’s a perfect way to test different strategies and play styles, as each position levels up separately, adding depth to your overall gameplay experience.

How to Switch Positions in Franchise Mode

For those who crave versatility, Madden 23’s Franchise Mode offers the ability to switch positions. This feature can be a game-changer for players seeking a fresh perspective or new challenges within their career. However, it’s important to consider team needs, player skills, and the impact on your career trajectory before making the switch.

Full On-field Control: A Whole Team Experience

By turning on the “full on-field control” setting in league settings, you can go beyond the confines of your chosen position. This setting, available in Face of the Franchise Madden 23, allows you to play as the whole team, giving you command over every play and player on the field. It’s an opportunity to truly master the game and lead your team to victory from any position.

Building Your Legacy Beyond Madden 23

As you progress through your career, your sights may be set on one ultimate accolade: the Hall of Fame. In most versions of Madden, including Madden 23, you’re given a 30-year timeline to etch your name among the greats. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and every game, every season counts towards your legacy.

Preparing for Madden 24

Looking ahead, the positions in Madden 24 Career Mode remain consistent, offering the same five pivotal roles for players to choose from. With each iteration of the game, the challenge to control and excel at these positions grows, especially for receivers, who are often considered the trickiest to master due to the precision required in their gameplay.


Madden 23 Career Mode is more than just a game; it’s a virtual journey through the life of an NFL player. From choosing your position in Face of the Franchise to leveraging multiple save files for diverse experiences, the game offers a myriad of paths to success. Whether you’re aiming to dominate the field as a quarterback or control the defense as a linebacker, Madden 23 provides an authentic and thrilling platform to build your NFL legacy. As you look to the future and Madden 24, the skills and strategies you develop now will pave the way for continued success in the virtual gridiron glory.

FAQ & Common Questions about Madden 23 Career Mode

Q: What positions can you play in Madden 23 career mode?
A: In Madden 23 career mode, you can choose to play as a QB, WR, RB, LB, or CB.

Q: Can you have multiple save files for different positions in Madden 23 career mode?
A: Yes, you can have up to five different save files for each position in Madden 23 career mode. Each position will level up separately as you play.

Q: Can you play as a different position with the same created character in Madden 23 career mode?
A: Yes, you can have a created character who can play multiple positions in Madden 23 career mode. For example, you can have a 90 OVR QB, an 86 OVR RB, and a 74 OVR CB with the same character.

Q: What positions are available in Madden 24 career mode?
A: In Madden 24 career mode, you can play as a Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Linebacker, or Cornerback.

Q: How many years can you play in Madden franchise mode?
A: Most versions of Madden franchise mode allow players to simulate up to 30 years with their franchise. Some versions may also offer the opportunity to apply for the Hall of Fame at the end of the simulation.

Q: How many years can you play in Madden 23 face of the franchise mode?
A: In Madden 23 face of the franchise mode, you can play starting from a player’s fifth year. The mode offers new gameplay features and weekly tasks, providing an engaging experience.

Q: Can you go to college in Madden 23 face of the franchise mode?
A: The information provided does not mention the ability to go to college in Madden 23 face of the franchise mode.

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